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​Quality begins with traceability:

Sampler helps you keep your processes under control

Through the use of our application suite, the laboratory can ensure rigorous traceability and meet ISO 17025 standards at every step of the testing process, improving controls and optimizing its resources.



Did you know that the Sampler suite not only offers solutions for laboratories? Below you can find all our products


Es un software especializado en la gestión de cotizaciones para muestreos y ensayos de laboratorio


Es un sistema de gestión de información de laboratorio (LIMS) diseñado para automatizar las tareas en laboratorios de ensayos, cumpliendo con los requisitos de la norma ISO 17025:2017


Es una solución diseñada para la gestión de inventarios, equipos y personal del laboratorio

Business Intelligence

Nuestro software de Business Intelligence (BI) para explorar estadísticas, métricas y KPIs de tu negocio a través de múltiples componentes de visualización de datos (dashboards)


Es un sistema diseñado para ayudar en la planificación de actividades de toma de muestras en campo


Es una solución diseñada para establecer un puente de comunicación efectivo entre los laboratorios y sus clientes


Software diseñado específicamente para automatizar el proceso de validación de métodos analíticos en laboratorios


Es una solución integral para el manejo del sistema de gestión de calidad en laboratorios

Additional services

We offer support in the training of skills and knowledge of our applications through our staff; We are committed to providing the best service, clarifying your doubts and listening to you, to provide you with support when you need us.


We are trained to analyze and understand the singularities of your company, guide you and accompany you in the release of the software into production.


We seek to train your staff through training in the skills that allow them to understand the why, how and when the conditions of use of Sampler occur.


​Through a precise and traceable tool, we seek to guarantee that your
requirements are processed according to your need.

We have the best system for registering requests, concerns, improvements, complaints and development of new features.


Training for the use of the software is adaptable, whether in person or remotely. For these we have work groups organized by themes and by users with the same role. So that your team is trained to use each of the Sampler® applications.


​If, as a result of using the software, our client requires a new functionality that complements the process in which he uses Sampler®, to better adapt to the needs of each laboratory, contact us and we will gladly review your need.


Contact us

​If you want to purchase our products or services, or are interested in trying our applications through a demo, contact us on our networks, telephone numbers or by email at

If you want us to contact you, fill out this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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